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How To Obtain Broadband Solutions

An easier approach to obtain the solution you need.

Simple Process For Complex Solutions

 The methods and approachl we use will uniquely fit any schenerio for any given solution s  requirements. It is easy to understand and completely customizable. Service solutions are often complex but we do our best to present them in a simple and easier way to understand and follow.  This method & model works for all services that are available in your  service area including hosting andany of our  website services.
Singular Requests
1For obtaining estimates and services one by one, you can either give us a call or first use the single quote request form. The form is designed to capture all information needed for singular requests and can be used in an ongoing basis. 

Multiple Services and/or Quantities
2You can use the alternative quote request form if you need estimates for obtaining multiple services and/or in multiplte quantities. This form has a file upload where you can attach your spreadsheet or documents with additional information you cannot fill out in the form. We offer wholesale services from some providers for these type of requests. 
Multiple Locations
3Again, you may use the alyernative quote request form and upload a file attachment with the additional locations and other information about services needed. In the event you need a solution that requires installs, equipment, and services in multiple quantities and at mutiple locations, we can schedule a conference call in order to ensure we can service your needs. 
Combination of Providers
6In some cases customers need DIA and Voice but prefer to use mutiple or separate  providers for each service. We can usually accomodate these type of requests and you can use the singular quote request form or the alternative quote request form in this case.  Sometimes by choosing only one service provider (if possible) you can obtain thebest value in pricing.

Preparing Estimates and Orders

Once you submit a quote using one of our online form,s a profile is created and you your login information will be sent when the estimate(s) are ready to evaluate (usually 3-7 days).  You will have the ability to accept the proposals within the portall, give us a call, email, or send a ticket  to discuss the other options and further details. When you are ready to order, we will have a representative from the service provider finish the process and schedule installation and anything else required.


Largest Internet Service Provider Network

  • ACCBusiness
  • ACS
  • AT&T PIC
  • AboveNet
  • Accessline
  • Accuconference
  • Adhost_Pic
  • Advantix
  • Airband
  • Airespring
  • Bandwidth
  • BlackRockCable
  • Broadsky Networks
  • BusinessContinuityCtr
  • Cavalier
  • Cbeyond
  • Celario
  • China Telecom
  • Clearwire
  • Comcast
  • Corelink_Pic
  • Covad
  • Cox
  • Earthlink
  • Ernst Comm
  • Evogear
  • Fortress _Pic
  • Frontier Communications
  • Fuse Networks
  • G12
  • GCI - Alaska
  • GTT
  • Gafachi
  • Global Crossing
  • HDC_Platinum_Partner_Logo_3d6add3d31c27be0873c23e6adf969ca
  • HughesNet
  • IC_partner_logo_rgb_small_ea523b358e5b29e93411de6112801a10
  • Incontact
  • IntegraTelecomPic
  • Internap_Pic
  • Isomedia_Pic
  • Level3
  • Limelight Networks
  • MarsHill Church
  • Masergy
  • Megapath
  • Mosaic Networks
  • NTT Communications
  • Navsite
  • NetRiver_Pic
  • Netwolves
  • NewEdge Networks
  • NewOz
  • Nitel
  • One Communications
  • Optic Fusion
  • Paetec
  • Powernet Global
  • RealLinx
  • Sabey Datacenters
  • Smoothstone IP Comm
  • Speakeasy
  • Sprint
  • Startouch Wireless
  • TW Telecom
  • Telarus
  • Telepacific
  • TelnesBroadband
  • Telx
  • Tierpoint
  • Time Warner Cable
  • USA Digital
  • Verizon
  • Vocal IP Networx
  • WBS Connect
  • WCI
  • WolfNet
  • X5 Solutions
  • XO Communications
  • Zayo
  • charter Cable
  • digital forest_Pic
  • equinix
  • isquare
  • savvis_Pic
  • simple_bdfc09412997c739eb8c9354587eb278
  • skybeam_354deb1e9e3cba35eaa494fafb00f139
  • slide1_04b3d8e0f6c95bfd7cb887899b921fe5
  • spectrum online services
  • swiftco_Pic
  • telesphere
  • ws_ssps_blk_376_cg6_clrspace_dae05825402157266a770c1a478e0de0

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